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Ideas in a Tree

Author: Eike Welk (eike at

K-Mindmap has been written to help people structure notes or ideas while writing them down. One can enter a new (blue) branch at any of the (red) nodes, to write something into its (gray encircled) text field. The usually tree structured graph, that will evolve during the creative process, will constantly reposition itself to keep uncluttered.

A small example graph.

The idea of structuring notes in a tree is of course not mine, I heard from it in a lecture at the university of Aachen. There are several other mindmapping tools even on Sourceforge. Have a look at , , , , .

Requirements and Download

K-Mindmap runs on Unix systems, it is linked to the Kde-1.1.2 and the CGAL 2.1 libraries. As CGAL is a little awkward to install, there is a binary available that is statically linked to it. This binary does not need a special installation procedure, it runs from every directory of your computer. It was compiled on a Suse 6.2 Linux system, and it runs at least on one other machine than mine. You will still need Kde-1.1.2 (and Qt) to execute the binary.

There are also sources and example files available.

Download everything from .

Compiling K-Mindmap is kind of difficult. For instructions look into the last chapter named compiling.


K-Mindmap is free software (GPL). If you want to contribute to the project mail me (eike at Also check out the project overview ( there I have set up several tasks that need coding or thinking.

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